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My Business, Why Insurance

April 27, 2012 /

When you start a business one of the last things you think about is insurance, but it should be as close to the top of the “to do” list as possible.  Why?  Insurance is required for opening an office space and getting a loan   Accidents don’t care if you have just started.  When they…

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Just Because You Don't Have It Doesn't Mean They Won't Take It

March 9, 2012 /

Part of buying auto insurance is to decide how much liability coverage you want to buy.  Most are sophisticated enough to understand what can be lost in a second and buy enough to cover their assets.  It is to the others that this blog is dedicated. Dear Others:  When you come into an insurance agency,…

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But I Have Insurance

January 20, 2011 /

When you sign an application for insurance coverage (auto, home, etc), you are signing a contract.  The “do’s and don’ts, who does and who doesn’ts” of the contract are spelled out in the insurance policy. I understand not reading the insurance policy when you receive it.  There are people in the industry, even selling the…

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The Season 'Tis

November 5, 2010 /

Yes, it is. And coming closer. We all love this time of year…..well, except for the fear of ice and sliding down the hill in our car with a school bus full of kids stopped for a red light at the bottom…not so much that. Or an ice dam bursting and flooding all of our…

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It Was a Dark and Stormy Night

October 14, 2010 /

Q&A Caroline asks: with the stormy winter season coming, what is the first thing I should do if a tree falls on my house or my car? Answer: Here’s a list: 1. Check to make sure everyone is okay in or around the house or car 2. For your house, if you need to, turn…

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When Enough is Enough

September 10, 2010 /

With the market With the market value of homes going up, sideways, down and up-side-down, it’s hard not to question if your homeowners insurance is giving the coverage you need in case of catastrophic loss. If your homes market value goes down, should your insurance coverage? No Here is why: There are three ways to…

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April 29, 2010 /

Over the years, as I’ve spoken to clients, there is an invisible line that I can usually draw right down the middle between any couple. On the man’s side sits the gambler, on the women’s sits the nester. Men will gamble with the “probably not happen” while women will do the opposite and plan for…

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New tool for your insurance questions

March 3, 2010 /

This is an exciting day for SILVERMARK Insurance. Not only is it the first post on our new blog, but for me it is the first use of a “social media” tool. I am of an age where any use of an electronic tool is new….so you can understand why every day is exciting. My…

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