It Was a Dark and Stormy Night

Caroline asks: with the stormy winter season coming, what is the first thing I should do if a tree falls on my house or my car?
Here’s a list:

1. Check to make sure everyone is okay in or around the house or car

2. For your house, if you need to, turn off your water at the main valve and/or your electricity at your breaker box. If a natural gas line has ruptured, you need to turn that off at the main, as well. **ALERT** Do not turn the natural gas back on yourself. You must call PSE to come out and turn it back on for you.

3. Mitigate any damage you can. If it’s raining, put a tarp over as much as you are able. Clean up any debris that might be a hazard.

4. Call your insurance agent or insurance company and open a claim. If the damage is to your home, it will be a homeowners claim. If it is to your auto, an auto claim. If your car is in the garage and the tree fell on your garage, damaging the car, it will still be an auto claim under the comprehensive coverage. If you had personal property in the car (like golf clubs, lap top, clothing) that was damaged, that would be included in your homeowners claim.

We would be glad to help in any way we can, so hurry though numbers 1 through 3 and give us a call!!