Pet Insurance

At SILVERMARK you are more than a client, you are family. We recognize that your pets are family too and we are excited to offer pet insurance for your cute, furry, four legged member of the family. There are a range of plans, each with a variety of deductible levels, so you can tailor the perfect policy for you and your pet. All plans cover accident, illness and injury and any licensed veterinarian in the country.  We want your pet covered for the unexpected so that you never have to make a choice between the cost of care and your pet.

SILVERMARK offers pet insurance through Pets Best and Healthy Paws.  Both companies are rated excellent among consumers and have options to meet your needs.  To learn more and get an instant quote click on the links. Pets Best Insurance or Healthy Paws Insurance.

Quick Pet Insurance Comparison

Pets Best Healthy Paws
Accident, Illness & Injury Yes Yes
Genetic, Congenital, Hereditary Conditions Yes if enrolled before 2 years of age - subject to waiting period. After age 2, with no pre-existing conditions, depends on breed. Yes except animals with pre-existing conditions at time of enrollment.
Wellness, Preventative Care Yes - Optional coverage No
Reimbursement Options 80% 70%, 80%, or 90%
Deductible Options $100, $250, or $500 $100, $250, or $500
Waiting Period 14 days for illness, 3 days for injuries 15 days for accidents and illness
Policy Pay-Out Limits $2,500 or $7,000 per incident depending on plan choice No limits
Maximum Lifetime Benefits $200,000 No Limits
Alternative Treatments Yes No
Licensed Veterinarian Coverage Any licensed veterinarian in the World Any licensed veterinarian in the U.S.A.
Pre-existing Conditions No No
Multiple Pet Discount Yes Yes


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