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Water Water Everywhere

September 29, 2011 /

People ask me what the leading cause for claims on homeowners insurance. Earthquake? Nope. Fire? Nope. Theft/burglary/vandalism? Nope. Water? Yep. Water. That life giving element leaks in, pours out, spouts up, floods through and can cause gobs of damage to your home and inconvenience to you. The losses due to water come in many forms,…

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A Firefighters Advice

February 24, 2011 /

At my home I receive a free weekly community newspaper, the Sammamish Review.  It’s fun to read about what’s going on, look at the local ads and how the teams are doing.  In this weeks’ paper there was a little notice: EFR advises fire insurance In 2010, Eastside Fire & Rescue responded to 110 structure…

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Guests, Uninvited

November 19, 2010 /

You all know very quickly what new claims come across my desk by the subject of my blog for the week. This weeks’ claims winner: rodents in your cars’ engine. Okay, not glamorous (how glamorous, really, are claims), or anything you look forward to thinking about. But neither is shelling out $6,000 or $14,000 to…

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It Was a Dark and Stormy Night

October 14, 2010 /

Q&A Caroline asks: with the stormy winter season coming, what is the first thing I should do if a tree falls on my house or my car? Answer: Here’s a list: 1. Check to make sure everyone is okay in or around the house or car 2. For your house, if you need to, turn…

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They Don't Clog………Or Work

September 23, 2010 /

In the insurance industry we love hearing from our homeowners what “fix ups” work around their house and what doesn’t. We feel it is important to pass along to all of our clients. Some of these are VERY expensive in time and cost. Currently the one we have heard about most often are gutter systems.…

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