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It's That And So Much More

May 20, 2010 /

I saw it again on the news last night, people standing outside their home, tired, cold and hopeless. They are staring at their burning house, barefoot and in their jammies, with a blanket for their only warmth. The news announcer said they were renting the house, all of their possessions were destroyed and they had…

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April 29, 2010 /

Over the years, as I’ve spoken to clients, there is an invisible line that I can usually draw right down the middle between any couple. On the man’s side sits the gambler, on the women’s sits the nester. Men will gamble with the “probably not happen” while women will do the opposite and plan for…

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No liability insurance: The "Trip" That Can Cost the Whole Vacation

March 18, 2010 /

What is “liability”? I see it on my auto and homeowners insurance coverage list, but I don’t know what it is, why I pay SO MUCH for it and why there is insurance to cover it. According to the Websters sitting next to me, being liable is the same as being obligated or responsible for…

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