Liability policy

Are all insurance companies created equal?

May 21, 2019 /

Surprisingly, the answer is no. It is easy to get caught up in the advertising gimmicks only to find out otherwise when you have a claim. What one needs to do to adequately protect themselves is to read the contract. That’s right; the policy between the insurance company and yourself is a contract. Not all…

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Give That Man A 10

December 5, 2012 /

In my blog I always try to explain insurance concepts in such a way that they are easy to understand. The best and easiest way for me, personally, is by stories……experiences. The liability coverage under home and renters insurance was the hardest for me to come up with a story. Liability is a “third party”…

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You Gotta Know……

May 11, 2012 /

There are a lot of reasons to buy insurance.  Auto insurance for the fender bender, homeowners insurance for the house burning down or burglary, business insurance if for no other reason than because people will sue. All of those reasons are good enough for me.  Sign me up…….but there are plenty of you out there…

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My Business, Why Insurance

April 27, 2012 /

When you start a business one of the last things you think about is insurance, but it should be as close to the top of the “to do” list as possible.  Why?  Insurance is required for opening an office space and getting a loan   Accidents don’t care if you have just started.  When they…

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Just Because You Don't Have It Doesn't Mean They Won't Take It

March 9, 2012 /

Part of buying auto insurance is to decide how much liability coverage you want to buy.  Most are sophisticated enough to understand what can be lost in a second and buy enough to cover their assets.  It is to the others that this blog is dedicated. Dear Others:  When you come into an insurance agency,…

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BRIDES AND BUSINESSES: Special Insurance Just For You

February 10, 2012 /

 Two insurance coverages of which I wasn’t aware came across my desk today and I wanted to let you know.  They might be JUST what you need:  Wedding Protector Plan:             Yes, it is that time of year.  We are all starting to gear up, check the registers, rsvp the invitations, book the hotel rooms. …

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Stroller Accident Lessons at the Fair

September 2, 2010 /

At the beginning of every year our family sits down with a HUGE calendar and fills in important dates. After birthdays and anniversaries and before “xing” out Labor day we fill in the opening day of the Evergreen State Fair. We are always there on the first day. So, last Thursday, August 26th, you know…

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Teen Drivers: The Yawns And The Nevers

July 29, 2010 /

I just had an interview with a teen driver and was reminded of a few things: • How sharing the exciting world of insurance with a teen produces a plethora of 16 year old yawns. • What auto insurance coverage is most important in the life of a 16 year old. • Their interest in…

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June 17, 2010 /

I don’t do boats. I have never enjoyed being drug around the back of a boat either above or below the water (yes I have done both). I lived on a lake for a number of years in my youth and found boats to be noisy and contain many noisy people who loved throwing trash…

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It's That And So Much More

May 20, 2010 /

I saw it again on the news last night, people standing outside their home, tired, cold and hopeless. They are staring at their burning house, barefoot and in their jammies, with a blanket for their only warmth. The news announcer said they were renting the house, all of their possessions were destroyed and they had…

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