Renters Insurance

Are all insurance companies created equal?

May 21, 2019 /

Surprisingly, the answer is no. It is easy to get caught up in the advertising gimmicks only to find out otherwise when you have a claim. What one needs to do to adequately protect themselves is to read the contract. That’s right; the policy between the insurance company and yourself is a contract. Not all…

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A Firefighters Advice

February 24, 2011 /

At my home I receive a free weekly community newspaper, the Sammamish Review.  It’s fun to read about what’s going on, look at the local ads and how the teams are doing.  In this weeks’ paper there was a little notice: EFR advises fire insurance In 2010, Eastside Fire & Rescue responded to 110 structure…

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Price of a Quick Trip

December 2, 2010 /

Prowl, defined: (verb) to move about or wander stealthily; to roam over in a predatory manner. It’s hard for me to believe, but there are all sorts of predators out there, some more sick and hurtful than others. The predators I’m focusing on now are those who, for some reason, seem to think it’s okay…

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When A Home Is Not A House

October 28, 2010 /

There are lots of types of “homeowner” insurance: The kind you have when you own a single house The kind you have when you own a multi-family dwelling (duplex, etc) and live in the house The kind you have when you own a townhouse or condo The kind you have when you rent a house…

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Stroller Accident Lessons at the Fair

September 2, 2010 /

At the beginning of every year our family sits down with a HUGE calendar and fills in important dates. After birthdays and anniversaries and before “xing” out Labor day we fill in the opening day of the Evergreen State Fair. We are always there on the first day. So, last Thursday, August 26th, you know…

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It's That And So Much More

May 20, 2010 /

I saw it again on the news last night, people standing outside their home, tired, cold and hopeless. They are staring at their burning house, barefoot and in their jammies, with a blanket for their only warmth. The news announcer said they were renting the house, all of their possessions were destroyed and they had…

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