Price of a Quick Trip

Prowl, defined: (verb) to move about or wander stealthily; to roam over in a predatory manner.

It’s hard for me to believe, but there are all sorts of predators out there, some more sick and hurtful than others. The predators I’m focusing on now are those who, for some reason, seem to think it’s okay to damage property (your vehicle) and take what is not theirs. Not just okay, but a seasonal source of their families comfort and joy.

Most of the stealthy predators prefer to work Mondays and Wednesdays, during the middle of the day… the brightest daylight (why be inconvenienced by lack of work place lighting?).

The majority of cases involve breaking a window to gain access (please see “damage property” above). While thieves usually take everything in plain sight (gym bags, mail, holiday presents) a favorite target in recent cases have been ‘hidden’ GPS systems. Suction cup marks on the windshield lead thieves to believe that the unit may still be stored in the car. Also, some predators ‘specialize’ (why only doctors and lawyers?) in stealing vehicle registration and financial information which can lead to ID Theft. **This is a good time to remind you to make sure your insurance program includes ID Theft protection……if you have questions call our office!

• Park in a well-lit area, ie: garage, under parking lot lights, etc
• Always lock your doors and set your alarm
Never park, then load items into the trunk. Assume you are being watched. Place items in trunk, then drive to your parking spot.
• Leave as many personal items as possible at home and have nothing in your car that will give a predator more information on you than possible.
• This link will give you a sign that tells the predators you have nothing in the car worth stealing. Follow directions.

Be aware: some of you believe that theft from your car of personal belongings are covered under your auto insurance. This is not correct! Most homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policies extend to cover theft of items from your car. However, deductibles of $500 or $1000 can put a huge dent in your holiday budget, so avoid the loss in the first place!

Be safe, take care, call with any questions (1-800-659-7363) and warm wishes for a prowl-free Holiday Season.

Redmond, Wa