Accident Liability

Give That Man A 10

December 5, 2012 /

In my blog I always try to explain insurance concepts in such a way that they are easy to understand. The best and easiest way for me, personally, is by stories……experiences. The liability coverage under home and renters insurance was the hardest for me to come up with a story. Liability is a “third party”…

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Just Because You Don't Have It Doesn't Mean They Won't Take It

March 9, 2012 /

Part of buying auto insurance is to decide how much liability coverage you want to buy.  Most are sophisticated enough to understand what can be lost in a second and buy enough to cover their assets.  It is to the others that this blog is dedicated. Dear Others:  When you come into an insurance agency,…

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Calling for an Auto Insurance Quote

June 16, 2011 /

When you call to speak with a customer service representative professional at and agency or an insurance company regarding your auto insurance, it is usually for one of four reasons:  to receive a quote, a billing question, claim concerns, or general customer service (adding or deleting a vehicle on an existing policy, etc).  I am…

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Boat Boo-Boos

March 24, 2011 /

Ahh, spring.  A time when your mind begins to turn to ……… summer.  Ahh, summer ……… a time when your mind turns to ……. boating.  Ahh, boating ……. a time when your mind turns to ……. boat insurance! If you buy a boat this spring/summer and buy it outright, getting boat insurance will be a…

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But It Happened So Fast

March 11, 2011 /

When a client calls to report an auto claim, a lot of times I hear “but it happened so fast”, as if accidents should take more time, or the accident should have been better thought through or accidents shouldn’t result in messes or injury because they were just……..accidents and they happened so fast.  Accidents always…

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But I Have Insurance

January 20, 2011 /

When you sign an application for insurance coverage (auto, home, etc), you are signing a contract.  The “do’s and don’ts, who does and who doesn’ts” of the contract are spelled out in the insurance policy. I understand not reading the insurance policy when you receive it.  There are people in the industry, even selling the…

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The Season 'Tis

November 5, 2010 /

Yes, it is. And coming closer. We all love this time of year…..well, except for the fear of ice and sliding down the hill in our car with a school bus full of kids stopped for a red light at the bottom…not so much that. Or an ice dam bursting and flooding all of our…

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Stroller Accident Lessons at the Fair

September 2, 2010 /

At the beginning of every year our family sits down with a HUGE calendar and fills in important dates. After birthdays and anniversaries and before “xing” out Labor day we fill in the opening day of the Evergreen State Fair. We are always there on the first day. So, last Thursday, August 26th, you know…

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August 19, 2010 /

I don’t know if anyone but our clients knows, but SILVERMARK specializes in writing insurance for Pet Care Services. I bring that up now as I read two separate articles this morning directly related to pets. Both of the articles are warnings, one to dogs, the other to people. First, the warning to dogs: MSN…

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Teen Drivers: The Yawns And The Nevers

July 29, 2010 /

I just had an interview with a teen driver and was reminded of a few things: • How sharing the exciting world of insurance with a teen produces a plethora of 16 year old yawns. • What auto insurance coverage is most important in the life of a 16 year old. • Their interest in…

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