New Driver

Are you a new driver? Whether you are 16 or 60 and just starting to drive, it is essential to know the role you play. We are glad to help in any way we can with regards to your auto insurance, how to most effectively use it in a claim situation and some defensive driving points.

SILVERMARK has always been concerned with the new driver. We have a "Teen Talk" session where we pull the new driver into the office and go over how their auto insurance works, what to say at time of accident and what not to say and how we can help when in other areas. We also have a seminar presentation that can go to area schools, social clubs and interested parties in which we go over best driving practices.

Please see the informational links below for specific "what to do" driving points.

Don't declare fault at time of accident

Fault Not Yourself

Northwest drivers challenge

Challenges To The Northwest Driver

Dark and Stormy Night


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