Teen Drivers: The Yawns And The Nevers

I just had an interview with a teen driver and was reminded of a few things:
• How sharing the exciting world of insurance with a teen produces a plethora of 16 year old yawns.
• What auto insurance coverage is most important in the life of a 16 year old.
• Their interest in what kind of car they can buy and stay on their parents policy.
The most important coverage to her was liability (you know, the part that fixes the car I hit). There is comfort in knowing someone will clean up the mess. In way of a review:
• Liability coverage is there to take care of the car you hit, the people you hurt and the property you damage.
• To many liability claims will make Mom, Dad and your insurance company VERY unhappy. In fact, one of the three might exclude you and not want to speak to you for a long time.
• Lending the car to a friend and they have an accident DOES involve you, your parents and your insurance. It is your insurance that will have to pay all the damages, not your friends and, because of poor judgment you could lose your policy(yes, your parents will DEFINITELY find out).
• If you are in an accident NEVER, NEVER,NEVER (yes, three “nevers”, it is that important) let these words out of your mouth: IT IS MY FAULT. NEVER. If you want to know why, just give me a call.
Why can’t Mom and Dad buy the car I want? They can, of course, but it might just cost them A LOT more. When insurance companies decide on how much you should pay, the car you have access to is a part of that cost. Be aware:
• Any car that has been altered in any way so it is no longer “stock”(just the way it was purchased off of the show room floor), will probably cost you more to insure. Put a 16 year old behind the wheel and it will cost you A LOT more.
• You are fighting your peers and the mistakes they made behind the wheel when some car models pop up. 4X4’s are a no-no. Not because they are more dangerous, but because a bunch of kids took them into the hills to kick up some mud and ended up rolling them over, going over the side of mountains and throwing themselves off of bridges into raging rivers.
There is more, but I believe the yawning will soon commence.
Be safe out there, drive defensively and call me to go over the rest!
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