Accident Liability

Challenges to the Northwest Driver

July 15, 2010 /

When the sun out from behind clouds and the sky so blue it looks like you should be able to swim in it (only in Seattle!) we all receive our reward for living here. I am a “native” and know full well I am bias, but just looking around on a day like today I…

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June 17, 2010 /

I don’t do boats. I have never enjoyed being drug around the back of a boat either above or below the water (yes I have done both). I lived on a lake for a number of years in my youth and found boats to be noisy and contain many noisy people who loved throwing trash…

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Fault Not Yourself

April 8, 2010 /

IN THE EVENT OF AN ACCIDENT,DO NOT ADMIT FAULT At time of accident there is A LOT going on. Emotions at the scene, dealing with injuries, getting information and the likelihood that you don’t know everything that led up to the point of contact. You have your own questions about how the accident happened. Even…

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