Over the years, as I’ve spoken to clients, there is an invisible line that I can usually draw right down the middle between any couple. On the man’s side sits the gambler, on the women’s sits the nester. Men will gamble with the “probably not happen” while women will do the opposite and plan for the “probably will”. My job is to help both sides meet me in the middle.

It seems men want only enough insurance to “get by” at time of claim, or bet there won’t be a claim to begin with. Women want every bit of coverage they can get so that, at time of claim (a house fire, their car is totaled), they know there will be someone backing them up and they won’t hear from the adjuster “I’m sorry, no coverage”. The women want to make sure their “nest” is secure, safe and protected. The thought that the claim might not happen in the first place holds no water. If it can happen, it might happen and I want coverage there when it does. Hummph.

Being one of the “nesters”, I understand that feeling. I’m one of those who would keep comprehensive and collision coverage on her auto insurance until the car rusts to death. I haven’t spoken to many men who feel the same way.

For the men, what their wives are asking for makes more sense in this context. Most men, once they really understand how their spouse feels, supports the need to comfortably cover the nest.

This is not meant to offend either gender, it’s just an interesting observation and does give insight into the housing on Venus vs Mars.

Sally Rodgers