There is no mention of cowboy in this blog, it just seemed to go with colon.

Talking with someone about a colonoscopy is like having a conversation about life insurance: It’s a scary procedure, it’s costly and it makes you face an uncertainty. But you feel soooo much better when it’s done.

That is why this posting. It’s not the colonoscopy you want, it’s the empowering feeling after. Knowing one way or the other.

The fight against colon cancer has a good news/bad news component. The good news is that a physician can complete a procedure on you that can take away all of your concerns and tell you right away if there is a problem. The bad news is the procedure.

For me it wasn’t the actual “looking up my name and address”. They knock you out (thankfully) for that. It was what came before. That stuff you have to drink to clean you out. YUCKIKES!! The company that makes that stuff must think that sweetening it makes drinking it easier………so they sweeten it A LOT. It took me a loooong while to even look at oranges again.

The peace of mind that came when they were done and I heard “no polyps” made everything worth it. I even left with a printed report AND PICTURES! Yes, actual snap shots of the place you hear about. You know, that place where the sun doesn’t shine?

We care about you. Please get in for a colonoscopy and call us to talk about life insurance. You will feel so much better when you do.