Sometimes Humble Pie is Sweet

On an otherwise normal day at the office, I received an email from a co-worker that made my eyes leak, nose run and Kleenex pop up. I truly didn’t know what to do, how to respond, or what to think. Not a place I normally go.

A client of 18 years had called and spoken to Brad. Brad emailed the conversation to me. It started out the way a lot of these types of emails do and the way an agency owner is used to. This client advised he had received a competitors’ quote and it would save him $3,000 annually. No small change. Usually at this point I am sadly writing a card to the client advising I’ll sincerely miss him, thanking him for his business and letting him know the door is always open. But, I went on to read: my client turned the offer down (at this point shock, jaw dropped, breathing stopped). He told Brad that loyalty is important to him. We had been able to help in a couple of involved claim situations and he hadn’t forgotten. He truly knows and understands that insurance, the commodity, is a small portion of the relationship we work to establish with our client friends.

When you are used to people moving their insurance accounts because of a $100 difference, you understand my shock.

I just called my client friend while trying to find the words to thank him. This whole situation is so humbling. He is very busy at work and I was hoping for voice mail so I could just leave my message while keeping my dignity. No luck. He answered, I heard his nice voice and started blubbering all over. I thanked him as well as I could and told him to I’d call back later to leave a message and please not answer his phone if he sees my number…….
I love what I do. Every day is great. But to receive a thank you like this is humbling……..and so exciting. He gets it and we are soooo glad.