Close But Different

There are some policies in the insurance world that are, at first glance, the same. A homeowner policy. You own a home and need to insure it, get homeowners insurance, your done. Mission accomplished. A few years later a different agent comes along and says he can give you homeowners insurance for less cost. He shows you a quote that, indeed, costs less, but at what price?

Possibly the price of coverage. The agent who helped you when you bought your home would have talked with you and found out what was important to you. Based on that conversation, that agent might have written a special “deluxe/all the bells and whistles” policy. These deluxe policies cover your home, but the coverage is expanded to include things at the level a standard policy does not. Or, your agent might have asked that your standard policy include coverage you said were important to you: special coverage for your jewelry, cameras and Persian rug, additional coverage for your in-home business. The deluxe policy and these additions are important to you and they cost extra.

The agent who recently gave you a quote might not have sat down and found out what was important to you. They might have given you a standard homeowners quote that would cost less, but also not give you the coverage you want or need.
Find an agent you like and trust. Tell that agent what you need, what is important to you and the direction you will be going in the future. The insurance policies we sell are designed to grow with you. Trust the agent to put together a policy that you need, at a cost that makes sense to your current financial reality.

One homeowners policy is a beautiful fir tree, the other is the fir tree all lit up for Christmas with bells jingling and whistles tooting. A little more expensive, but just what you want!