New tool for your insurance questions

This is an exciting day for SILVERMARK Insurance. Not only is it the first post on our new blog, but for me it is the first use of a “social media” tool. I am of an age where any use of an electronic tool is new….so you can understand why every day is exciting. My name is Sally Rodgers and I am the President of SILVERMARK. I’m glad and challenged to write this blog…..also a little surprised. In school, writing an essay was my least favorite thing to do and now I’m volunteering!
My hope for this site is to answer insurance questions, any insurance questions. SILVERMARK Insurance has a combined 100 years of knowledge and experience in this field……and WE are learning new things every day. We have teams that work only in auto/home, business, life and health insurance, IRA’s and mutual funds. So, with this knowledge base ALOT of quesitons could be asked. To get the ball rolling I will be throwing a couple of “what if’s” out to you, a little history of the industry and alot of examples of “right and wrong” as it relates to insurance. Then it will be your turn to come up with the next question: Why does my insurance go up? I have a teen driver, how will that effect cost of insurance? I’m young, why does it make sense to buy life insurance now?
My next post will be a little (yes, short), history lesson that I hope will clarify one of the questions I just mentioned. More tomorrow.