One Day 20 Years Later

Isn’t it interesting how, when you are doing something you love, it can be 20 years later and you really didn’t notice time go by?!

 This year is SILVERMARK, INC.s’ 20th year anniversary.  Ron and I opened our doors for business in October of 1992.  At first we were busy getting our business set up, then we concentrated on getting clients besides ourselves and my brother and sister!  We grew slowly, but the operative words were that we grew.  Sometimes it was so quiet I’d roam our office building halls to see other people and have a quick chat.  Other times I was so busy I had layers of work to do in front of me.  But it was great fun and I was learning…….about our business and our industry.

 20 years later and we’re doing exactly the same thing…….and I still love it.  We still insure my brother and sister, but have added so many other wonderful clients.  We are proud of the companies we represent and work with the industries finest in all of them.  Our office is located in one of the (surprisingly) most challenging cities in the northwest:  Microsoft land.  Woops, I mean Redmond.

 Also, the “we” in SILVERMARK has grown to the best, most knowledgeable and  exciting team of insurance professionals with whom I can ever hope to work.

 There is a theme:  it is just getting better and better.  I can’t wait to find out what happens next.

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