Just Put One Foot In Front Of The Other

I just read a great article on emergency preparedness. 

Those of us living in the Puget Sound know we need emergency preparedness kits in our home, car and work.  The odds are we’ll be in (or close to) one of these three places at time of disaster.  They then go on to notate what should be in each kit.  It sounds sooo easy.

The reality is that it’s just another thing to remember:

  •  Switching out the dead batteries every six months
  •  Remember to change the clothes/shoes you keep in the kit when you gain/loose weight or grow out of
  • Remember to take out the clothes/medications specific to a family member when they move out of the area (kids moved away, etc).
  • Switch out the outdated medication/water/food/sun screen when it’s outdated
  • Where do you put the kit when it’s done……and not potentially under all the rubble.

I recognize these are all whiney excuses, but for some they are reasons not to move forward.  Not to start.

So, a suggestion:  this year start.  Put any laundry basket, unused garbage can or large duffel bag out.  Have each family member, when they come down to open their stockings, bring one change of their oldest, most beat up clothes and sturdiest shoes that they no longer wear.  Put it in your designated receptacle and poof, your kit is born.  You can go on the web site ready.gov to get a list of what should go in, pick a time and make it a scavenger hunt……..first one back with everything on their list (the lists should be made up of what you KNOW you have in the house…..unless you are on the opposing team and want to cheat) wins a movie pass or ski lift ticket.

Just put one foot in front of the other (yes, you can sing this if you know the song) and start, then build as you can.  Keep it simple.  The stuff that needs to be switched out could be kept in one separate large bag.  Keep it simple and let us know your ideas to create your kits one step at a time: silver@silvermarkinsurance.com