The Minute To Live Is This One

Reading the paper this morning, the flooding, the posturing, the killing, I almost forgot to notice how good the coffee tasted.  Going upstairs to shower and seeing the floor that needed to be vacuumed and the clothes that needed to be picked up, I almost forgot to notice how fragrant the Christmas tree was and how it lit up a dark corner.

The information we are constantly being offered (and made to feel guilty if we don’t swallow every bit) is overwhelming and assaulting.   I carry it around inside until I realize that is where I am mentally living.  I am living there, longing for past security and peace, fearing the future uncertainties in the world.  I am not noticing the present, the right now wizzing by, the beautiful Christmas decorations on the houses and businesses.  I am not hearing the carols or the laughter of my grandchildren, or I absently offering my husband my cheek instead of giving him a real kiss.  Not being present in the present.

During this time of year there is so much we plan for, work to create, then fail to mentally be there when it all happens.  We are already thinking about what needs to be done tomorrow. 

Don’t get me wrong.  It’s important to plan, organize and prepare.  But it is also important to stop and enjoy the right now.  Pull your mind away from the myriad details of “next thing” to see this moment and then savor it.  Taste it.  Feel it.  Be there with it.  You have just made a memory.

Yesterday is history

Tomorrow is a mystery

But today is a gift

That is why it is called present

Accept your present and live in it.

Love this Christmas season, Sally at SILVERMARK, INC.

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