Last month SILVERMARK went to a fair.  A pet fair.  It was presented at the Redmond Senior Center, and a lot of fun.  Four pawed family members you’ve never met that go home with you, veterinarians to meet and services to experience.  And then there was the reason we were there: to introduce and explain pet insurance.

Most of the people who stopped at our booth had great questions:

  • What coverages are available, why should I want them and how much are they?
  • Are pre-existing conditions covered and how do the companies define “pre-existing
  • Is cancer covered?
  • Are holistic treatments and medications covered?
  • What are the differences in coverage levels between companies?
  • Are the benefits and coverages international (available during vacations or travel)?
  • Are wellness programs (preventable care) available?
  • Between companies, how long is the waiting period before coverage starts?
  • Is there coverage only for my dog and cat?  Is my bird/turtle/snake covered?
  • Is it a reimbursement coverage (I pay upfront, then reimbursed if covered)?

It was interesting, too.  We could tell the people who have had four pawed family members, vs those who had not.  The experienced seemed to understand that a new family member means getting them insured. 

The myth regarding pet insurance is just that.  The coverage is not as limited, nor as expensive as those in the past.  The insurance plans have changed.  They have grown and the people with whom we spoke were surprised.  We were able to quote them right there at the fair and show the difference between plans.  It was easy, the quoting fast and the fair goers stayed and talked with us as long as they had questions.

Until you have looked into pet insurance, please don’t think it is to expensive or the plans to limiting.  You have options between companies and we can help with the process.  Give us a call!  SILVERMARK  800-659-7363

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