It’s been three months since Christmas.  Three months for the new diamond ring, new diamond bracelet and earrings, new fur, new watch, new addition to your collection, new antique chair to be in your home and not let your insurance agent know about it.  It needs to be added to your homeowners policy.


If there were a claim, your homeowners policy might respond, but not to the limits you need to replace the item, nor to the limits you need if you have more than one!


We could help start off your Spring Coverage Fine-Tuning with our client jewelry appraisal event.  Call us and schedule a time to meet with our on sight jewelry appraiser on March 22nd.  He will appraise one piece of jewelry (or one gem) and give you a really cool pictoral appraisal, all for free!  I you want additional pieces appraised you can establish cost and set that up with him.


Next on the IT’S FREE list is our upcoming business shredding event.  It will be held April 27th (after tax time) for our business clients and businesses in the Redmond area to get those sensitive papers destroyed, as well as our auto and homeowners clients who just can’t wait for their shredding event in September.


Call us for an appointment for our jewelry appraisal and see you at the shredding event!

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