Make the Auto Insurance Search Easier

I was asked a great question today:  How can you make it easier to find the right insurance company for my car and me, out of all the companies out there?  In one way we can make it easier and in another we cannot.  The reason:

INSURANCE 101:  There are basically two kinds of insurance companies

  • Those who hire their own agents.  The Agents can then sell for only that company (State Farm, Allstate, Geico). 
  • Those who work with independent agents.   Those agents can work with a number of companies and find the best fit for the client.

SILVERMARK is an independent agency, so we work with a number of companies.  We are not employees of the company, we are affiliated with them.

We are able to make the whole process very easy.   We have specialized software that allows us to input your information once.  The software than takes that information and applies it to each of the companies we represent.  The out pops a quote!  One company might have a lower cost for teen drivers, another might cost less for those who drive less.

As far as going to a “central” web site to put in your information once and it goes out to all of the companies at once for a quote is not possible.  To get quotes from the direct writers mentioned above, Allstate, State Farm, you would need to call or email each of them individually.

Keep it easy.

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