Without It There Would Be No Feeling Of Christmas

For my family, more than any other time of the year, the coming season is the most anticipated and loved.   The interesting thing that has changed over the years is WHAT is most anticipated and loved.

When I was little, it was all about the presents.  Their placement under the tree, the size of the box, the color of the wrapping paper and ribbon, the number of presents for me, versus my brother and sister, the rattle or lack thereof to shaking(socks and underwear DO NOT RATTLE). All very important to establish bragging rights and position in the sibling power struggle.   What we did during the season, our traditions, were relegated to background noise.  Enjoyed, take for granted, but not the main event.

How that has changed.  Now, the traditions come first and anything not done, not done the same or not done as well is keenly felt.

When you walk into the house to celebrate Christmas Eve the traditional foods must be there.  You must smell the surkol (sweet and sour cabbage) simmering on the back burner.  The pork roast needs to be almost done in the oven, along with the green bean casserole and potatoes for mashing.  The gjetost (brown sweet goat cheese) must be on the cinnamon bread, as well as the rhulpolse on the white pullman bread.  For desert the following must be on the table:  pumpkin pie, mincemeat pie (don’t ask me why on this one, it just must), spritz, krumkake, lefse, gingerbread men (decorated by the kids and every color of the rainbow)and rosette cookies.

After dinner and before opening the family presents (immediate family and those presents from Santa can only be opened Christmas morning) we pull the Christmas tree out and dance around it while holding hands and singing carols.  Yes, we are a Norwegian family and anyone who visits that night is adopted into the Scandinavian clan.

All of us here at SILVERMARK sincerely wish you and yours a special, warm, safe, tradition filled Christmas this year.

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