In an earlier blog I told you how much I love what I do. How, because of what I do, I am able to help people at a time help is most needed. We don’t usually receive awards for doing what we enjoy, that is not why we are here. Well, SILVERMARK, INC., all of us here, received a huge “thank you” award from SAFECO and I am so proud for all of us.

SILVERMARK, INC. has been recognized and honored by SAFECO Insurance and has named us an H.K. Dent Society member. This is the company’s elite agency recognition program (only 8% of their agencies qualify nationwide), granted to agencies for their excellence and performance.

When I worked for SAFECO (in the personnel department……when we were personnel and not human resources) there would be company meetings where we would all come together for announcements. Sometimes we would be bused to the U District, close to what was then our home office, go to a movie theatre and watch old, grainy black and white movies of H.K. Dent striding the stage , extolling the value of great employees, trained, professional agents and teamwork with agencies. He said “Insurance produces nothing. We have nothing to sell except goodwill and confidence.”

As happy as I am with this honor, it still comes down to the experience our clients have with us. Do we provide them with the goodwill and confidence needed to see us as a service worth having, vs a commodity provider just like the agency next door? We hope so, work toward and strive for the honor of our clients continued business, their referrals and goodwill.