Smart Driving Pop Quiz

Check YES if you knew the fact, NO if you didn’t:

  1. A front tire blowout can be more serious than a rear tire blowout because it affects steering.  Never jam your breaks if you have a blowout.

 (  ) Yes               (  ) No

 2.  Don’t always assume the speed limit that’s posted is safe.  Road and weather conditions can change it.

 (  ) Yes                (  ) No

 3.  Don’t brake when you’re entering a freeway.  Move ahead steadily in the acceleration lane and, once beyond the gore point, time your approach to blend with the flow of merging traffic.

(  ) Yes                (  ) No

4.  When your rear wheels skid to the left on snow, ice or loose gravel, turn your wheel to the left.

(  ) Yes                 (  ) No

5.   At 60 miles an hour, a car crashes into an obstruction with the same force as if it were driven off of a nine story building

(  ) Yes                 (  ) No

6.  When you’re waiting to make a turn at an intersection, keep your wheels pointed straight ahead.  Don’t turn your wheels until you’re ready to go –if you’re struck from behind, turned wheels can turn you right into oncoming traffic.

(  ) Yes                (  ) No

7.  When you’re stopped in traffic, make sure you stop so you can see the tires meeting the road of the car in front – if that car stalls there will be enough room to pull out.

(  ) Yes                   (  ) No

8.  When you’re faced with bright lights from an on-coming car, look to the right edge of the road.

(  ) Yes                     (  ) No

9.  To help maintain control of your car when you’re going down a steep hill, shift into second or low gear.

(  ) Yes                      (  ) No

10.   The driver who weaves in and out of freeway lanes at 70 miles per hour to get to an appointment 10 miles away will get there in 8.6 minutes.  At 55 miles per hour, the driver will be there in 10.9 minutes. 

(  ) Yes                        (  ) No

 If you scored 8 – 10 Yes answers – You have lots of safety smarts and I would be comfortable driving on the same road with you.

If you scored 6 – 7 Yes answers –   Not bad, but not great either.

If you scored 1 – 5 Yes answers –  You really need to brush up on your safety skills.

Stay tuned and I’ll give you some pointers in the coming postings!

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