Renters Insurance…….It Will Surprise You

Have you ever bought something for a reason…..a drill because you need a hole in the wall, a washing machine because you want fresh, clean clothes….but when you got home and opened the box you found you got what you needed AND MORE!!

Renters insurance is just like that surprise package. You buy it because it is required by your landlord, or to replace you property in case of fire or burglary, but in the end you get that and so much more.

Here are a few of your surprises:

• Your renters insurance would cover your property in your vehicle in the event of theft
• If you had to temporarily move out of your rental dwelling because of a covered loss (fire, water damage, etc.) your renters policy would pay toward your relocation and additional temporary expenses

• Liability coverage is included, so you may be protected from a lawsuit if, for example, a guest injures someone in an accident after being served drinks in your home, or if there were a fire and depending on the cause of the fire, possibly pay for the repair of the neighbor’s home and contents.
• If you have your renters insurance through the same company you have your auto insurance you could receive a large enough “bundling” discount to cover the entire cost of your renters policy.
• If you have costly art pieces, cameras, jewelry or antiques, you can expand coverage for these treasured items to make sure, at time of claim, they are financially valued correctly
• You can purchase and secure earthquake protection through your renters policy so that, after your deductible is paid, you have this important and worry free coverage

So, you see there is a lot more to renters insurance than you thought. The real shocker is the pennies you pay for all that comes with it. Just call the agent though whom you purchased your auto insurance and ask if you can “bundle” your auto and renters insurance. If so, request a quote. Because they already have most of the information they need, the only additional questions they may ask would be about your home:
• The year your apartment (house, condo) was built
• The type of construction used (brick, wood frame, etc)
• The dollar value of your personal property (most companies have a minimum amount for property, some start at $20,000 to $30,000).

If you would like quotes from other agents, SILVERMARK would be happy to help. We are an independent insurance agency who can quote a number of companies at once and allow you to choose. We take the fear out of insurance. 1-800-659-7363

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