Pet Insurance: The Good, The Gooder, and The Not Covered

SILVERMARK had a booth at the “Movies at Marymoor” (link for the schedule and what’s showing next):

It was great.  We gave away doggie cookies with our tag printed on top, a prize of two tickets for the Mariners and A LOT of candy for the kids.  We were there to let people know we sell pet insurance and, in doing so, heard great questions about the coverage.  I thought that would be my blog for the day.

Disclaimer:  any coverage answers you find in this blog are for Pets Best only.  The coverage will differ from company to company.

The questions came from dog owners and they are:

Does the policy cover cancer in my dog:  If it is not a preexisting condition, it could be covered as an illness.  The coverage amount and reimbursement would depend on the type of policy purchased.

Where to find a good Veterinarian versus a bad Veterinarian:  I have heard good things about Angies List.  Everyone on that list is someone who has had a good or bad experience and posted it.  We found our Vet by asking our (human) Doctor where he goes!

How often do I see the Vet about my dogs’ teeth:  Just like their humans, pets should be seen by the vet at least once a year for their teeth (more often if there is a concern) along with their checkup.  In between, just 2 minutes of brushing, once a week can dramatically help decrease the amount of plaque and tartar from building up.

Which sees the Vet more, older or younger dogs?  In speaking to Vets, the answer is “both”.  Younger because they need to have their “younger” vet needs taken care of, i.e. shots, spaying, neutering, etc.  Then, older because of their ageing issues.  If you are interested in pet insurance, it’s smarter to buy it when the pet is as young as possible.

Let me know if you have any other questions!!

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