Peace of Mind With Pet Insurance

Okay.  So, you’re at the Humane Society, looking into those HUGE, pleading, chocolate colored eyes that say “I’m yours”.  That’s it, wrap him up and take him home.

Then reality hits.  Just like a human child, if anything happens to your new family member that affects him or her physically, you are responsible to provide the best care possible.  Owning a pet means taking on a whole range of responsibilities, not least of which is ensuring you can pay for any necessary vet bills.  Some treatments cost into the thousands.

In the past, even just 12 years ago, if you took your pet to the vet and she or he was diagnosed with a serious illness or injury, chances are you would have been advised to have it put down.

With recent advances in veterinary treatment and developments in surgery, medicines and intensive care, your pet is now likely to be given the equivalent of private healthcare received by us humans.  In fact, if your dog is suffering from cancer, it might even be offered chemotherapy or radiotherapy.  If your cat is hit by a car, it now has a much higher survival rate.  Cats are regularly given a second chance thanks to major operations in which damaged legs are either pinned or amputated and internal injuries repaired.

While this is all good news for your pet, the cost of this treatment can be very expensive.  Vets can charge fixed prices for certain services, so you will at least have an idea of how much a particular treatment will cost.  Charges could be based on the size of the animal to be treated.  Also, remember that if you need to see a vet outside their opening hours or during a holiday, you may be charged extra.  You see the place for pet insurance.

Depending on the type of policy you purchase, pet insurance can offer a variety of veterinary treatments, including the cost of anesthetics, operations, X-rays, laboratory charges, medicines and hospital care.  The one thing that pet insurance provides for which it does not charge is peace of mind.  While, after a major accident or in the case of a terminal illness, lovingly putting them down might still be an option, with pet insurance it is just that, an option and not a financial necessity.  Go to: for your pet insurance choices.