One Guarantee

I just got off of the phone after a conversation with a VERY frustrated and confused person. I quoted Toms auto insurance account and he absolutely could not understand why he has to pay more for his policy than Chuck at the garage, Fred and the gym and Susie at bakery. In the case of Susie, A LOT more.

The short explanation is: he is not Chuck, Fred or Susie.

Longer: Tom has his own insurance “profile”: he is single, in his early 20’s, owns two cars, rents a house and has two speeding tickets and one at fault accident in the last three years. His profile is unique to himself and it decides the cost of his insurance. What he does or doesn’t own, if he does or doesn’t drive safely, if he is married or not. The answers to these unknowns, among other things, decides if the cost of his insurance goes up or down.

Chuck, Fred and Susie’s profiles are not the same as Toms. Their cost for auto insurance will be different. On the telephone I advised Tom not to compare his costs with anyone else, because I could guarantee that, for all these reasons, the cost will be different. At this point we go back to the beginning of this tale.