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We own a cabin up north, along the Skagit river.  We love to go up every chance we get.  The feeling of seclusion, yet knowing there are others around us for help, is great.  There are other, others, however, that I could do without. 

We got a call yesterday afternoon from our home security service that the alarm had gone off and someone had broken in.  To make a long, convoluted story short, they jimmied a window we thought secured with a stick (it was too long, they were able to slide the window back and forth until the stick fell out), opened the window and climbed in.  They not only tripped the sensor on the window, but the motion detector as well.  The security company called the cabin to make sure it wasn’t a family member who had just forgotten to disengage the alarm and the intruder answered (!).  He (voice on the phone young male) must have noticed by then that we have no valuables up there because he left right away and took nothing with him.

My husband went up and met the police.  The policeman had noticed a wad of “usual suspects” not far from the house and, after speaking with Ron, was going to go talk with them.  Because nothing was broken, damaged or missing (?!) I don’t know what will be done as far as follow up, or charges pressed.  I am just SO thankful we had the alarm security.  If the boy had had more time, brought in some friends, not been encouraged to get out, I don’t know what the outcome would have been.

Insurance, along with other things, I put on the list of those items we buy to give us piece of mind.  Someone has our back at time of loss due to unexpected accidents, natural disaster or circumstance.  Home security companies are in the same category.  You pay for them to help you sleep more securely at night.  And then something like this happens and it brings home another big reason:  two legged vermin control.  Job well done.

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