Please do not come into my office to buy liability insurance for your auto and ask for the “lowest coverage possible”.  I will not sell it to you.

Liability insurance is what you buy to pay out to someone you injure and who’s property you damage in an accident you caused.  In Washington State the minimum liability to keep you legal behind the wheel is 25/50/10.   The first two numbers are how much you would have to pay for the bodily injuries you cause.  The first, $25,000, is for each person you injure, up to (the second number) $50,000 for the accident.  The whole accident.  The math:  you run a stop light and t-bone a car with four people in it.  Each person has up to, some over, the $25,000 bodily injury limit.  The coverage you bought goes up to $50,000. 

4 injured people X $25,000 = $100,000

$50,000 (your limit) – $100,000 = $50,000 you will need to come up with to restore the innocent people you hurt


Just because that is all you bought doesn’t mean that is all they will take.

The last of the three numbers above, $10,000 is how much you have to restore the Lexus you just totaled.  More math:

$10,000 (your limit) – $80,000 (Lexus value) = $70,000 you owe and they WILL take.

                   So, you see.  We don’t write state minimums.  I have enough to worry about.

Give us a call to find out what we would write.  We’d love to help you.

Thank you

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