It's not easy being green……..

For those of us who live in the Northwest, we love the beauty of nature around us…the tall, snow capped mountains, the blue of the Sound and green of the forest. We are the Emerald City. There are a couple of places, however, we do not want to see green: one is in your teeth, but we’re not going to address that at this time………the other is on your roof.

There are a number of reasons why moss left on your roof is a no-no. We will address the two that are most important to you and your insurance company:

1. Moss causes HUGE amount of damage to your roof and eventually, if not removed, everything under it. Moss, left untreated, works under the tiles (whether composite or wood shake) and raises them. Then, any moisture that falls from the sky is able to go under the raised roofing material, soak the sub roofing, drip into the attic area, damage the insulation and eventually through the ceiling of the room below. When enough tiles are raised, you can see how this could literally bring the whole house down and damage everything in it. I know from personal experience what a hassle and expense it is to remove. If you catch it quickly you won’t have a large area to rehabilitate.

2. In the insurance policy there is a clause that you will keep up the maintenance on your home, to mitigate the need of a claim. Keeping the moss off of your roof is one of those maintenance points. If the moss is not removed in a timely fashion and damage is done to the house, the claims adjuster could see this as a “maintenance issue” and might not cover some, or all, of the claim.

So, enjoy your green lawn and beautiful green trees, but brush the green off of your roof and………about your teeth……….