Icy Merry-Go-Round or I-5??

For the new driver, teen or someone just getting round to getting their license, winter driving has been known to convince them that taking the bus is much safer.  Each season poses their own challenges, but winter here in the Pacific Northwest seems to affect not only the driver, but everyone (everything) around them.

Be PNWinter aware and safe:

  •  I’ll start my list with the obvious:  sometimes the conditions of our roads are so bad that just putting the tires on the icy roads (without even turning on the car) is driving too fast.  You just shouldn’t be driving.  When the roads are ice covered/black ice and you can, work from home.
  • Don’t let the gas tank dip below half full and have a garage check that your tires have the right amount of air.
  • In the trunk:
  1.  Have a bag of kitty litter to use under the tires for traction, a shovel and deicer.  Extra bonus:  the kitty litter is heavy enough to add weight to the back end of the car to help traction.
  2. Have a blanket/extra winter jacket/gloves/warm hat/socks/boots
  3. Have a small supply of food/energy bars and fresh water.
  4. Flashlight, battery powered am/fm radio with extra batteries, battery recharger for your phone, Kleenex, antibacterial hand wipes, first aid kit, jumper cables, a broom.
  5. As has happened, you could be stuck in your car for hours…..with the kids…..
    1.  Reading material for both
    2. A few games/word games/crayons/color books
    3. A male pee disposable bottle(s) and female pee apparatus with disposable bottle(s).

Every driver needs to be a defensive driver, especially in the winter.  Take it easy, maintain distance restrictions and keep your tires in the shoulder where everyone else hasn’t packed down the snow and has kicked the gravel!

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