How 'Bout Those Seahawks

For me a Seahawks game is usually spent in front of a good book.   I never understood the excitement of a game or the attachment of a fan:

  • The attitude of the players
  • The money paid to them to play a game
  • The enthusiasm of the fans to watch something they could in no way effect
  • The media hype

I thought Saturdays’ game would be the same.  After listening to the pundits on my radio station, KIRO fm, even the Nuns and Dori Monson saying the Seahawks would lose, I had a couple of books ready.  But this game was different.  I heard my husband yelling….in a happy way…..a lot!……and had to see what was causing all the noise. 

I saw and actually sat down to watch.  Then I was inspired.  Knowing how the Seahawks are spoken and written about in the media, including our own local folks, how this season has gone and would probably end, expectations weren’t high.  But the Seahawks didn’t care what THEY said, what THEY wrote or what I thought.  They just went ahead and did what they had their mind and heart set to do.  They won a game.  And the fans actually were a part of it!  Their yelling and encouragement was loud and active enough to show up as seismic activity on a sensor close to the stadium.

Because I am not a sports enthusiast, I translated what I saw them do to that which I do, run a business.  Among other things, this is what I learned:

  • Just keep doing what we exist to do and we will win
  • Keep our customer service unique for insurance agencies and continue to create ways to nurture our clients.  We are one of a kind
  • Only listen to the negative enough to spur us on to do more for our companies, clients and each other.
  • The fans made a difference in Saturdays’ game.  Our clients make the difference in our agency.  Give them A LOT of reasons to tell everyone how we made a positive difference in their insurance experience.

I know insurance is not a sports game, but business is business.  I saw a business working well on Saturday, with heart, effort, love, sacrifice and enthusiasm.  All of this I can apply to my business and will trust for the same results.

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