Full Coverage Auto Insurance….There Is No Such Thing

Full Coverage:  There Is No Such Thing

I speak with clients, potential clients and people in general who know I sell insurance and they talk about buying “full coverage” auto insurance.  There is no such coverage.

In general, the basic auto insurance coverages are:

  1.  General liability (required by law in the state of Washington)
  2. Personal Injury Protection
  3. Uninsured/underinsured bodily injury/physical damage
  4. Comprehensive coverage
  5. Collision coverage
  6. Roadside assistance (towing)
  7. Rental reimbursement

Of the above coverages #1 keeps you legal.  If you are making payments on your car to the bank, leasing company, or other lending company, #4 and #5 are required.  Outside of these instances, the coverages you buy are up to you. 

Usually you purchase the coverage that make you most comfortable behind the wheel.   If you want your immediate medical bills paid (for you and everyone else in the care) at time of accident (one you are at fault for, or not), you want Personal Injury Protection.  If you want your injuries and car taken care of if someone hits you and they have no liability insurance, or less than you, you want uninsured motorist bodily injury/physical damage coverage.

Comprehensive covers you car for anything that can happen to it that has nothing to do with colliding.  Tree falling on it, a fire, vandalism, stolen.  Collision is there if your car collides with something (another car, a tree, an animal).

Towing and rental reimbursement are self explanatory.

So if you would like to know the cost of auto insurance from a different company, just call and ask for a quote.  Let them know what coverages you currently have and leave “full coverage” to people putting on sun screen at the beach!

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