Drippy Oz

Okay.  The way I figure it, Mother Nature (herein known as MN) is VERY busy.  Always.  So, she has all of her MN responsibilities broken up into committees.  As is the way with committees, sometimes one can move forward and get a lot done while others get bogged down with minutia.  This is what has happened to spring.  The buds on the tree and pollen in the air committee are doing great, getting their job done while, at the same time, the wind and air movement committee is stuck on an important procedural point and haven’t turned off the arctic winter brrrrrr.

Although I am not one of MN’s committee members, I am certainly effected by their decisions (as are we all).  Why April looks like November, why it’s wetter now than it was in December and if the rumor is true that the sun is still yellow.  Yes, mysterious to us, just a day in the office for MN and her team.

Jacket on, jacket off?  How much layering of shirt/sweater/jacket?  Umbrella, yes or no (don’t forget you’ll have to carry it around ALL DAY).  Hat or not (dreaded hat hair).  Boots/ugly shoes vs cute pumps (if you go boots, you’ll have to carry around the shoes…….oh, see umbrella parenthesis above).  Sun glasses on, sun glasses off.  Sun glasses on, sun glasses off…….repeat repeatedly.

Oh, yes……..spring time in the land of Oz.  Tell Dorothy the Emerald City is a bit damp right now and to hold off on her house moving venture ‘til Summer.  Summer lasts from mid-July to the first week in August.  Tell her we’ll see her then.

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