One Day 20 Years Later

January 27, 2012 /

Isn’t it interesting how, when you are doing something you love, it can be 20 years later and you really didn’t notice time go by?!  This year is SILVERMARK, INC.s’ 20th year anniversary.  Ron and I opened our doors for business in October of 1992.  At first we were busy getting our business set up,…

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January 12, 2012 /

I hesitate using this title, knowing how many cat lovers there are out there (me being one of them), but it will make sense if you would please just read on: I sell insurance, all kinds of insurance, including auto insurance to families.  As time goes by, the children in the families grow up and…

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More Than Just Your Hands On The Wheel

December 29, 2011 /

During this busy holiday season we can all take multi-tasking to unheard of levels.  Most of the time everything goes well.   If anything falls through the cracks, the hardest part is just bending down and picking it up.  Not so much when you are doing anything else while driving. When you drive, you should drive. …

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One Boy's Fun

November 10, 2011 /

We own a cabin up north, along the Skagit river.  We love to go up every chance we get.  The feeling of seclusion, yet knowing there are others around us for help, is great.  There are other, others, however, that I could do without.  We got a call yesterday afternoon from our home security service…

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Icy Merry-Go-Round or I-5??

October 27, 2011 /

For the new driver, teen or someone just getting round to getting their license, winter driving has been known to convince them that taking the bus is much safer.  Each season poses their own challenges, but winter here in the Pacific Northwest seems to affect not only the driver, but everyone (everything) around them. Be…

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Bow Wow Boo Hoos

October 13, 2011 /

Everyone here at SILVERMARK loves animals:  dogs, cats, birds, hamsters…….animals.  We insure animals and the businesses that support animals.  We give away organic dog biscuits and portable water/food dishes.  We attend and have a booth at animal fairs and are members of animal associations.  That being said, there are some animals (dogs) that, if you…

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It's Not Easy Being Green……….

September 15, 2011 /

For those of us who live in the Northwest, we love the beauty of nature around us…the tall, snow capped mountains, the blue of the Sound and green of the forest.  We are the Emerald City.  There are a couple of places, however, we do not want to see green:  one is in your teeth,…

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Renters Insurance…….It Will Surprise You

September 9, 2011 /

Have you ever bought something for a reason…..a drill because you need a hole in the wall, a washing machine because you want fresh, clean clothes….but when you got home and opened the box you found you got what you needed AND MORE!! Renters insurance is just like that surprise package. You buy it because…

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A Shot In Time

August 26, 2011 /

I am of an age that can remember standing in line for Dr. Salks’ polio vaccination shots…..both the first and the second.  Oh, the dread.  To be told I was standing in line for a shot…..each child inching closer and closer to THE DOOR…..then being the NEXT IN LINE.  Nothing worse. Well, now as an…

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It's A Claim……..Should I Turn It In?

August 18, 2011 /

What just happened looks like an insurance claim, walks like and insurance claim and sounds like one………but is it and should I turn it in?  First a question:  if you were to pay for it out of pocket, would it sink your financial ship?  The way the insurance companies look at a claim:  if it…

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