Bow Wow Boo Hoos

Everyone here at SILVERMARK loves animals:  dogs, cats, birds, hamsters…….animals.  We insure animals and the businesses that support animals.  We give away organic dog biscuits and portable water/food dishes.  We attend and have a booth at animal fairs and are members of animal associations.

 That being said, there are some animals (dogs) that, if you own one, homeowners and renters insurance will be very difficult if impossible to buy from the main stream insurance companies.  It is just like the cost of auto insurance for teen boys.  They literally pay for the VERY DUMB THINGS their peers do behind the wheel of a car.  If a dog breed has a reputation for biting, even if your dog (of the same breed) has never and never would bite, you pay more for insurance.

 The insurance companies are not arbitrary in the selection process they use to determine the dog breeds that are problems.  They use their own claims process and the reported claims of other companies.  The dog breeds that pop up most often in their claims are noted.  Finally, if a prospective homeowner has that breed of dog in their home, the homeowners insurance application will be denied.  SAFECO’s boo-boo list are: Akita, Chow, Doberman, Pitbull, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Rottweiler, Presa Canarios, Wolf Hybrid, or a mix of these.  You can also add the breed of your dog if it has bitten a person and broken the skin. 

 The Seattle Times, Thursday August 19, 2010  2nd page, Newsline, ODDS & ENDS:  “ Dog bites: Dog bites cost US home insurers 6.4 percent more in 2009 than in the prior 12 months, with the average claim EXCEEDING (my cap) $24,000 for the third straight year, the Insurance Information Institute said Wednesday.”  You pay $500 to $1,500 for your homeowners insurance.  Your dog bites someone and for that one claim the insurance company has to pay out $24,000.+  Then, the same dog bites someone the next year for another $24,000+ claim.   Do the math:  You have the policy for two years, pay $1,000 and the company pays out $48,000 in claims.  People wonder why they lose their homeowners insurance.  I think Fido need another round of behavior school, or a nice quiet home in the country…….far away from people.  Either that or start saving so you can pay for the next bite yourself.

Just like you call us when you are car shopping to find out how much you will pay if you buy this car or that, call is when you are researching the perfect dog for your family.  We might be able to help you save in a lot of ways.

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