As our northwest weather season turns into winter, our minds go to the weather related catastrophes to which we are prone:  flooding/damaging winds/freezing and snow.  Non-weather related, but still in the back of our minds, the natural disasters of earthquakes and volcano!

Here are a few helpful links.  They can help you prepare, think through, manage and maintain through the storms and natural disasters we experience:

Take Winter By Storm (GREAT site with specific Northwest help):

Make a plan:

Make a kit:

Maintain your kit:

Storing water:

Find hidden water in your home:

Choose your food:

Our hearts go out to our friends and family on the east coast, for what they are going through.  Helping them any way we can is imperative.  At the same time, let’s be aware of what we can do here to be able to help ourselves, our friends and our families if disaster strikes.

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