Two weeks ago we had our semi-annual shredding event and it was FANTASTIC!!  Liz bought us breakfast and we were so busy all we could do was visit the pancakes every now and again!  In the end we had over three (3!) tons of shredded paper.  A lot of the guys (young and old) enjoyed watching the paper being dumped in the truck, then viewing it being shredded on the little video monitor.  GOOD TIMES!!

We provided paper sacks with the date of our next event stamped on it and that went like………hotcakes!!  People came to get sacks for their friends and neighbors.  If you would like one of our “Next Shred Event” sacks, just let us know (800-659-7363

Our next event is April 19, 2014 and we are hoping it is bigger and better!  As it is scheduled right after tax time, we will look for  businesses as well as individuals.

If you are still a little confused about what to shred, just click on the link!  As we all now know, not shredding sensitive personal papers, financial documents, junk mail, etc. is all some need to steal more than just our identities.  Don’t give them a way in. 


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